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Head Office

1-24 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0022

Tel: +81-3-3355-8261  /  Fax: +81-3-3355-8205


September, 2006

Main Bank

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ – Akasaka Mitsuke Branch

Business Activities

A Japan-based global brand management firm that engages in marketing, branding, collaborating, and publishing for business expansion into new markets.


Our collaboration bridge as a global management firm is not only about connecting between countries through our activities but also passing actual values through cross-culture experiences for a better business environment.

Values that change the brand’s history, partnership that leads to optimal results and ideas that drive a dream to a real.


To be the valuable global management firm who provides excellence in all of the services as well as empowering all partners, employees, and customers to make a better outcome all together.


Think globally, act locally, and market strategically to make a better outcome

The highest integrity and trust are a prerequisite for a successful business relationship. We strive to enthusiastically and professionally create and offer excellent outcomes for our customers, suppliers, colleagues, and the company to ensure that all who work here and who deal with us, and benefit in enjoyment and finance from the experiences.

CSR Activities

Japanese Red Cross Society

Fun to Share committee & Ministry of the Environment