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We are a Japan-based international brand management firm focused on developing, optimizing and accelerating businesses in fashion and lifestyle industries to reach brands’ full potential.

Brand representation is the core of our original organization and lies at the heart of our mission: “Think globally, act locally, market strategically” to help global expansion between Japan and the world.

| Brand Representation |

Brand experiences are always the future of marketing. We help to create, translate and promote a new market space, requires different pattern of strategic ideas to embody the brand position that represents a real breakthrough in brand’s value.

We take a long-term view and take care of dealings in various ways to build a global network and to ensure that brand’s global customers experience the same brand value all around the world.

1. Insights Marketing

Lack of Insight = Lack of Engagement
Insights-driven marketing leads to maximize operational and financial performance and minimize risk. By analyzing data collected, you can find insights to develop, grow and accelerate your business.
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2. Localized Research

Proper localization increases profits and cost reduction and vise versa
One reason why global strategy fails is that there is poor research in a local level. Consumer research and market analysis are the significant initial step to identify and define market opportunities and issues. To execute localized strategies, understanding of cultural and local values is significantly important to shape the consumer’s product choice.
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3. Strategic Planning

Understanding the target market is crucial for success
For entering a Asia market, we offer guidance on a regional basis, removing much of the guess work and risk from the expansion process. Brands benefit from our on-the-ground experience and hard-earned insights as we help them formulate a comprehensive market entry strategy. We also provide vital connections with retailers, landlords and local resources.
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4. Retail Development

Our industry is competitive but creative and exciting
From understanding of Customer’s viewpoint to providing a cohesive experience across channels, we work closely with clients to create strategic business plans and international distribution expansion to build brand value in the new market.

5. Brand Licenising

Licensing is a powerful way for a brand to grow
Licensing intellectual property has the ability to achieve globalisation goals more rapidly than traditional new product development.
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6. Public Relations

More channels leads more customer trust
One of our strengths, PR and Digital Marketing are the most cost-effective method to raise awareness in a number of places, increasing the chances that a customer will encounter your message.
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