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We are a Japan-based international brand management firm focused on developing, optimizing and accelerating businesses in fashion and lifestyle industries to reach brands’ full potential.

Brand representation is the core of our original organization and lies at the heart of our mission: “Think globally, act locally, market strategically” to help global expansion between Japan and the world.

1. Brand Distribution and Representation

Brand experiences are always the future of marketing. We help to create, translate and promote a new market space, requires different pattern of strategies to embody the brand position that represents a real breakthrough in brand’s value.

From understanding of Customer’s viewpoint to providing a cohesive experience across channels, we work closely with clients to create strategic business plans and international distribution expansion to build brand value in the new market.

We also take a long-term view and take care of dealings in various ways to build a global network and to ensure that brand’s global customers experience the same brand value all around the world.

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2. Global Marketing Management

Global marketing has been long faced the difficulties of finding the right balance between global brand platforms and evolving local marketing due to the cultural differences between countries.

Because of the advent of the internet, technology has advanced at such a speed that the borders between nations have become more and more transparent for business organizations. As it becomes easier for businesses to expand past their domestic borders, there has been an increased focus on competition in different markets across the world. In order to remain competitive, businesses have to design certain strategies around pricing, promotion, distribution, and product offerings to accommodate for the culture and customs of different societies around the world.

① Analysis and Screening

Lack of Insight = Lack of Engagement
  • The market segments, demand, and other customer insights for the countries of analysis.
  • Competitive insights, or a detailed SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) for like companies operating in the countries of analysis.
  • New collaborations and partnerships that may develop. This might include new or expanded supply chain relationships and other strategic alliances.
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The Marketing Mix

Understanding the target market is crucial for success
  • Product: The type of tangible good or service you plan to create and offer to the new target country
  • Price: Considerations on how to price the product in this new market in regards to goals and market demand
  • Place: The locations where you will sell your product. With technology, this has expanded past physical retail locations, but now includes online as well.
  • Promotion: This involves how you will get the word out about your product. Technology also plays a major factor here, incorporating a whole new branch of marketing products through social media and other technologies

The Marketing Plan

  • Specific activities that are necessary to remain competitive internationally
  • Where the company currently stands in its market position, and where it predicts it will fall in this new market
  • A detailed description of its target market, or the people it plans to sell to
  • A description of the marketing mix (explained above) that it plans to use as it moves into this new market
  • An overall picture of market research, what competition looks like, and the companies goals.

Implementation, Evaluation and Control

  • How much market share can a company capture?
  • How much money, or profit, can a company make?
  • How much money has the company spent to establish itself in a new market?
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