JAPAN Airlines x Hollywood Makeup Artist

How did we help the American makeup artist enters the new market?


The former M.A.C makeup artist Yoko started her own salon in California. After she earned her cosmetology license, she developed her talent in Hollywood and became under exclusive contract with famous media such as MTV and celebrities while she constantly holds a makeup seminar at her salon.

The Challenge

Since the makeup artist Yoko was the young new makeup artist, she lacked awareness of her name in the Japan market and needed to build her name in the new market. As a first step, her team wanted to invite Japanese makeup students at her LA salon and start teaching the Hollywood makeup skills to new students.

The Strategy

We contacted JAPAN Airlines and asked if the airline company can make a makeup tour to Los Angeles with their airline. After their acceptance for the makeup tour, we created a one week tour schedule and it was implemented.

The Result

We released a press release to media including magazines. Also we directly announced to makeup students at colleges and universities. Because our targets were specific, makeup students, we could gather students more than we expedited. This tour flew two times to Los Angeles and the sheets were full of capacity.