Maaji Swimwear

How did we help the Maaji’s global campaign involving global customers?

About the Brand

Since 2002, Maaji has been dedicated to the design and production of whimsical, luxury swimwear. Influenced by their Colombian roots, co-owners and sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra pursued their dream of creating a brand that would enchant us all with its unique inventiveness.

The Challenge

Maaji started a new ad campaign that features the slogan “World’ Real Mermaid.” In this campaign, we recruited real mermaids in Japan who love Maaji and wear their items and make comments on the video.

The challenge was, Maaji had built a name for itself among the South and North America markets, but lacked brand awareness in Japan’s market. It needed to introduce its brand to Japanese customers. The Maaji team wanted to gather varietal customers in the world who love Maaji and make a promotion video for the campaign, and they came to us for help.

The Strategy

We began by immediately announcing and requiting Maaji’s Real Mermaids by launching the press release to media and also reaching our individual customers via email news within two weeks. Then we selected the Maaji’s Real Mermaids and requested them to appear in the short video.

The Result

We recruited “Maaji Real Mermaids” who wear Maaji swimwear and are saying “We love Maaji!” in Japanese in a short video. These video clips were sent to Maaji headcounter in and released at each store in Colombia.